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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update to Illinois concealed carry permit denied

What's on the Sarge's mind wrote and submitted questions to the Illinois State Police under the freedom of information act. To our surprise they haven't responded to our correspondence. 
As you all know John Berron applied for a concealed carry permit on Jan. 5. He got a letter on March 19 that said that the Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board received an objection to his application and found he was ineligible for a permit. The Illinois State Police denied his application on that date.

Berron wasn’t told why his permit was denied, said his attorney, J.D. Obenberger.

What's on the Sarge's mind spoke with
J.D. Obenberge and he informed us that Illinois is a shall issue state and the state police have to by law inform the applicant why they were denied.  As a former U.S . Army Judge Advocate General it was my duty to look in to the law. I found out that a police department can object an applicant which is a violation of the second amendment. The other issue is the police go back further than the five year period as stated on the application,  the application clearly states in the passed five years. Illinois State Police tell me blame the politicians who wrote the law.

Obenberge even stated that Philip De Luca called him. So we contacted Mr. De Luca and this is what he had to say.

I went to renew my FOID last year and the state police told me it will be 90 days because they are behind so I went to my local court house and filed a criminal complaint because the state police have 30 days under the law to issue or deny. Then as a armed security officer I applied on January 5th and to my surprise I was denied.  I called I.S.P.  and they tell me that a police department objected and wouldn't give me any information. So I called and obtained legal counsel an filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the state police failed to adhere to the law and the constitution.  My lawyer will be filing a civil case as well once a federal court ruling comes down. The civil charge is violating civil rights. I even asked for my elected officials to help but I felt Noone really cares.

What's on the Sarge's mind is shocked that a police department as the I.S.P. who takes pride and wearing the uniform in military fashion and full of Veterans can not uphold the constitution regardless of the law of the state. The 2nd amendment is in the constitution and the constitution is the law of the land.

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