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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lawyer takes on Illinois for denying people the right to ccw

If you have been denied your ccw and currently have ccw from other states then call this man.

J. D. Obenberger is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School (J.D., 1979), the United States Army Judge Advocate General's School (1979), and the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (1986).
He was decorated for distinction as a criminal defense lawyer while a Captain of the US Army Judge Advocate General's Corps and was undefeated when he brought cases on behalf of the United States as a prosecutor. While a Captain in the Army JAG Corps, he lived in Germany for three years, and speaks fair conversational German. He has taught trial tactics to the attorneys of the United States Army Trial Defense Service. He taught Political Science for Central Texas College (1982). He often provides commentary in television and print media on issues affecting online communications and has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Wired, AVN Online, XBIZ, YNOT News, Klixxx and numerous other publications, and has been a guest on The O'Reilly Factor.

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