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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Drones Patroling America

Missile-carrying robot drones have been used for years by the U.S Army - but they’re deployed against large targets and need a runway to take off from.
Now a new YouTube video shows that in the future, drones could also carry out the close-combat duties of foot soldiers.
Air we go: FPSRussia demonstrates a hover drone outfitted with a machine gunIn the video a real-life weapon demonstrations have earned him a cult following, shows off a quadrotor – a mini helicopter with four rotors - outfitted with a machine guns. The U.S. Military have and are currently using them to fly the borders of Mexico and the U.S. as a practice run to see how effective they are and if local law enforcement can use them on un armed and armed Americans. This was a decision by President Obama after he used 3 of these drones to kill American citizens on foreign soil.

Exposed: Location of sites where licences have been granted for the use of drones within the U.S.
The FFA has disclosed maps of 19 universities that are designing and building them.

Unusual: The University of Connecticut - one of 19 educational institutions to own spy planes - is the drone site closest to New York CityThe FAA has also Disclosed a map of where they are housed

Concentration: The Beltway around Washington DC has the highest concentration of urban and suburban drone sites
The Beltway around Washington DC has the highest concentration of urban and suburban drone sites, including the U.S. Marine Corp base as Quantico Station, Virginia
The authority revealed the information after a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Its website hosts an interactive map that allows the user to zoom in to the area around where they live to see if any sites are nearby.
However, the FAA is yet to reveal what kinds of drones might be based at any of these locations.
The agency says it will release this data later.
Most of the drones are likely to be small craft, such as the Draganflyer X8, which can carry a payload of only 2.2lb.
Police, border patrols and environmental agencies, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), could use for them effectively.
While few would object to vast open areas being monitored for wildfires, there are fears of privacy violations if drones are used to spy over cities

Florida: Mostly police and Sheriff departments are registered to use drones in the state

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