Sarge's videos


Saturday, May 18, 2013


As you all know the U.S. Secrete Service temporarily shut us down. Our lawyers advised them that our site is protected under the first amendment. How ever since Obama has been in the oval office our constitutional rights are being violated. Under the articles of the US Constitution We the people can over throw a tyranny government.  Our legal staff advised them that they have no legal leg to stand on because we quote the constitution and that ass in the white house thinks he is Hitler. Well our government was given a big fuck you by our legal staff and had any and evidence suppressed.  I will say this the sarge will never be quiet by these sheep loving liberal bastards.


  1. How did this site supposedly bruise the sensibilities of the Kenyan Kommie Klown or the Jabba the Hut look alike at DHS?

  2. We posted a few thing and sent them to Senator Durbin and the next thing we knew, the Secret Service was knocking at our door.
    We noticed that Sandy Hook never happened. We also knew about 4 American Citizens Killed on foreign soil by drones. If you have been watching the news the Nigger in officer claims they were terrorist on foreign soil when they went there to vacation. Sunni have been killing Shiites for years because they are the same type of Muslims that commit terror and Sadam was a Sunni and the Shiites that were in government kept saying he is killing his people and hung him. Well Obama knows if the truth came out that these American's on foreign soil were there as a vacation and not to commit a crime against us and he killed them with drones then he can face treason no impeachment.