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Monday, April 8, 2013

Sarge Salutes: Leatherneck Motor Cycle Club

On April 7 2013 while traveling the south suburbs looking for a story we came across a motorcycle convoy with a Hines V.A. bus. Infront of the bus was a Navy utility vehicle. I must say we wanted to stop and salute it but since we were in traffic we could not stop. This convoy head East on 95th Street. Seeing this made us wonder what was going on but in stead we decided to put this piece together. Thank you for your Service. Seeing this made us proud to be American's. If anyone know someone in this M.C. or the M N M M.C. tell them Thank you for being there for our vets and THANK YOU for you time that you served. If anyone knows of any stories or have seen someone go out of their way for a vet please let us know and we shall publish it.

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