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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama's immigration reform will cause more problems

I am Sorry but if a white president did the shit this ape has been doing he would have been impeached but because he a half white half black man oh lets keep his lying ass in office. His thing is Immigration reform when we have our own people to worry about. Everyone is crying broke and like a typical Chicago Politician  in stead of cutting back he spend more and more. He promised to bring home our troops he has not he promised more jobs yea ok not he has only kept his promises to his family and that is a dog and lots of vacations on the tax payers. Now this Obama the great liar wants immigration reform  why, don't we have enough illegals jumping our borders taking what is not theirs like thieves. One reader wrote us this. " If I was president I would not make promises except for one and Goerge Washington said it best let the other countries in the world start and finish their wars as they have nothing to do with us. So If I ran for president I would not say I would do.
I would close all of the over seas bases, I would pull us out of the U.N., I would repeal Obama care, I would repeal the NDDA, I would tell all illegals they have 24 hours to leave the U.S. or they will be hunted down arrested and thrown out of this country and if they return they will pay with their life spent in a military jail, all U.S. forces will reopen or build new bases as our borders will be closed to our enemy countries, Child care will be top priority along with education, and policing. The U S will issue through the already in place Secretary of State a Driver's License that will bear the seal of the US and will bear your current d.l. number attached to that number will be your national carry permit as all states will honor concealed carry or open carry as it is written in our 2nd amendment, criminal such as felons will not be able to enjoy this freedom. Voting reform If you are incarcerated or have been convicted of a felony you will lose your right to vote and possess a firearm. If you are a known gang banger and drug dealer and charged of any crime that makes a person to fear for their safety will be sent to a prison for terrorist. Effective immediately Alcatraz is to be purchased remodeled and reopen to house terrorists. The building will be state of the art with electrical fencing going as deep in to the ground as possible with razor wire outer fencing.  All gun laws will be stricken repealed and rewritten as back ground checks are important but not just to stores, or to gun shows but the private seller as well will be obligated to conduct a back ground check.  Magazine ban will be lifted as the police will be able to obtain the same fire power as our military and those rifles will be owned by the police department and housed, maintained, and picked up before each officer leaves for patrol. If a car has two officer's then both officer's should have a military rifle in the car along with a shot gun mounted to the dash board. Public aid will start asking for proof of citizenship just like the government does when obtaining a pass port. effective my inauguration the presidents office will only make 200 thou a year and state reps and congress 175 thou a year, state governors will be at 75 thou a year and so on and so forth this would be an executive order. Jobs would go back to the private sector. All bail outs will be paid back by the end of my first year or the CEO of the banks and business that took them will be foreclosed on by the tax payers. North Korea a joke no threat but if you launch one bomb that is not a test or in to an area that is at civilians or other countries we will declare it as an act of war and we will wipe your country off the map. This is what I would do as president Sarge . "

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