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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chicago Ape steals baby formula for his lillte chimp

A Chicago man who said he was a "success story" for only stealing things and not committing robberies was charged with theft after taking numerous bottles of baby formula from Walmart on March 8.
Walmart store security said Cornell A. Woods, 46, of Chicago, put several bottles of baby formula in his pocket and left the store without paying. When police arrived, Cornell Woods was lying in the back of a car.
Police recovered eight bottles of formula from Cornell Woods but saw numerous other bottles in the car. The driver, Alonzo Woods, 47, also of Chicago, said he only drove to Walmart and didn't take anything else. Cornell Woods said he got them at another store in Waukegan.
Both men were taken to the police station, where it was discovered that Alonzo's drivers license was suspended.
At the station, both men continued to deny stealing the additional bottles of forumla, of which there were 26 total. Cornell told police he is a "success story" and only steals, but doesn't do drugs or commit robberies or burglaries.
Because of a prior burglary conviction, Cornell was charged with felony retail theft and he was given a March 14 court date.
Alonzo was ticketed for the suspended license and was given an April 16 court date

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