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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sarges Awards: Chicago Fire, Police, & American Airlines

Great tribute Chicago FD!! Well done brothers and sisters and thank you American Airlines!
I'm making my connection at O'Hare just in time to notice CFD after CFD rig, warning lights on, pulling up to my gate. This followed by CFD Battalion 6 and several CPD units as well. 11 FD units and several PD. While this is going on and as the firefighters and police officers stage outside of their rigs, k...eep in mind it is 1 degree F above zero without the wind chill, a traveler says "Must be not too big a deal with them all standing around like that." After about 30 minutes or so in the cold, an American Airlines MD80 passenger jet pulls up and as it does all of the FD and PD personnel line up at attention. After it stopped at the gate they re-positioned, came to attention, and were joined by a US Army Honor Unit along with a Staff Sergeant. After more time in the cold the next thing you see is a flag draped casket removed from the plane. Needless to say, the mistaken traveler had a different view. Thank you American Airlines for doing the right thing, again, thank you to the Chicago FD for being a first class act, and God Bless this soldier and their family!

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