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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kirk Dillard Illinois Politic idiot know who not to vote for

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near Westmont 

FOX News Mike Flannery visits the Westmont Center to discuss pension reform. Watch FOX Chicago tonight at 9pm to hear my opposition to making the Democrats 67% income tax increase permanent too!

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  • Chris Cooper Seriously senator that tax hike is destroying Illinois and its ability to complete with states like Indiana, Wisconsin and Texas
  • Tim Day I am seriously considering not even attempting to start my business here in Illinois , rather opting for Iowa or Nebraska cannot get the numbers to crunch big enough to keep the doors open past the first year !!!!
  • Chris Cooper Illinois is the worst for economic competitiveness and seriously it has only the Democratic Party to blame
  • Karen Sherman Bushy My little business is hanging on by a thread. Not only the tax hike but workers comp and the whole rest of the business "package" here in Illinois makes it not much worth trying to start a small business here.
  • Chris Cooper Seriously I know it's terrible but I do not blame State Farm for pulling their corporate headquarters out of Bloomington and moving to Dallas
  • Dan ONeill I wish the republicans would put together a plan that can turn this around. The silence is defining....
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  • Dan ONeill United Air Lines also moving out to Texas....
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  • Chris Cooper Seriously the state should be put on notice. All the huge companies on 294 94 Abbott, Baxter, takeda, Walgreens, pactiv, discover, Cdw, and many others do not have to stay in Illinois. They are not captive and can leave anytime. It's time the state understood that.
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  • Karen Sherman Bushy Our Senate leader, Chris Radogno was all over facebook with her enthusiasm for her bill on limiting teenagers' use of tanning beds! She's one of the 'Four Tops" and she is worried about TANNING BEDS!!!!
  • Chris Cooper They benefit the state by employing thousands of people who pay taxes. Yet however, Illinois in supreme acts of stupidity raises taxes and makes it more difficult for those companies to do business in Illinois. The state govt needs to realize that business prosperity and a climate that attracts investment will make more wealth for Illinois then any tax increase implemented.
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  • Dennis Conrad Sen. Radogno has been fighting tanning beds her whole career. It began with her beating Sen. Bob Raica in a GOP primary.
  • Chris Cooper This is what the GOP in Illinois spends its time crafting ? Tanning beds?
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  • Patrick Stiles Cross and Hatcher have a bill to allow acohol in a fire station in Oswego. Real priority
  • Chris Cooper Really this is what our state has come too ?
  • Joseph John Monti-Dus What about for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Mark Weyermuller Kirk, I have a pension reform plan, start with eliminating them on all new hires (new employees starting today), they can have self directed iras or 401ks, start the process of getting government out of the pension business, Kirk, would you support this, yes or no?
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  • Mark Weyermuller By the way any republican supporting tanning bed or shark fin legislation will not have much future conservative support.
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  • Gary Leming Bruce Rauner has a plan to save and encourage business in Illinois . I have yet to hear anyone else even talk about their plans.
  • Tom Winike democrats hate pension reform because they have created a Euro-style aristocracy. Ruling bigwigs bequeath political power like the House of Lords. Tax hikes and pension sweeteners are the royal crown jewels of Madigan democrats
  • Whatsonthe Sargesmind Stop raising taxes my check is not getting bigger and I am already working two jobs. lower your pay checks. If taxes are raised I will start working for cash and wont report it
  • Whatsonthe Sargesmind you raised taxes twice and your pockets got bigger all you politicians do is rip off the people and violate your oaths of office and violate constitutional rights
  • Frank Canzolino Gary, Sen. Dillard has a detailed job creation plan called "Destination Economy" and was the author of the Illinois Senate Republican plan called the "Jobs Recovery Plan"
  • Frank Canzolino Sarge, Sen. Dillard has never voted for an income tax increase, and has voted against the last nine unrealistic Democrat budgets.
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  • Chris Cooper Time for a budget was yesterday
  • Kirk Dillard Mark, we have already passed a new pension plan for all new state employees two years ago!
  • Kirk Dillard Mark, the retirement age is also 67 for new teachers and employees(state). Been in effect for more than a year.
  • Kirk Dillard Chris, that is what I told FOX plus, the Democrats said it was "temporary"! They also want to kick the can down the road for another 50 years-yes 50 years- and cut our unfunded reserve requirement for 90% to 80%........ credit rating agencies will go nuts.
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  • Rich Egizii we're so outnumbered in the legislature and the senate due to the maddigan/cullerton illegal jerrymandering.... I see IDOTS budget has been cut in half for their resurfacing program. Yeah, they've concluded they dont need to resurface the INDOUND lanes...because people are only using the OUTBOUND lanes. State Farm is quietly moving to AZ, with all its call centers to begin with. Say good by to another Illinois company.

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