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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who realy owns the power

  We notified Come Ed and they are putting in a Smart Grid they claim it will help manage your electricity. How ever when it comes to Naperville we asked if Com Ed employees are the ones going on to the property of residence and if the employees were knocking on the doors and identifing themselves. Com Ed stated that Naperville owns it's own power supply.

Since Naperville owns it's own power source are their employees identifying themselves before going on to property they do not own. Most likely not so we decided to call Naperville and spoke to Brad who could not answer any questions except they like Com Ed own the meeters and to his knowledge the employees should be knocking and announcing and identifying themselves. How ever home owner's are padlocking their gates and dening access to the meters which are owned by Naperville so like Com Ed they should knock and announce. How ever if they are not doing this then I am shocked noone has greated them with a shotgun. WGN and Fox News Chicago grabed footage of a No Trespassing sign and a cable lock on the gate which you see someone dressed as a utility worker and two plain clothes police officers cut the cable lock and walk on to the property that is fenced in and then they arrest the home owner. We left a message on the city enginiers answering machine as for a comment. We doubt he will call us. But we have a message for Naperville I dare you to come on to my property with out my permition and you and the police will go home in body bags.

Chicago tribune Click to read article

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