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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sarge's History

We noticed after picking apart video's we have determined that the first lady is an idiot as well as bored with her husband's decision in politics. To point out Mrs. Obama this year at the inaugural rolled her eyes during speeches as she has heard them before. I truly wounder what is done in the White House. Hubby is at work kids are at school and she is servicing the senators and congress maybe never know I mean since Clinton did service Monica and Kennedy serviced Monroe. But 4 years ago Mrs. Obama asked Mr. Obama why do you have to salute the military. Really Mrs. Obama um it's cause he has to. Later that year they went to ground zero and and as it has been done the last 7 years, she asks why are they reading the names or even better why do we have to be here. We also noticed that 4 years ago promises were made which only one was kept Obama care. The video will show you how disrespectful Michelle really is when she states all of this for a flag. Excuse me Michelle people died and bled for that flag so please for give me while I give you a one finger salute but knowing you, you'd want in your ass while you use a miniature hot-dog in the other hole since your mouth is full of shit and have no where else to put it bitch.
The president never put his hand over his heart 4 years ago while campaigning nor did he salute military personnel until his 4th month in office. The Obama's have taken more vacations then any sitting president. Every time the Obama's go on vacation it costs tax payers 500 thousand. Ronald Regan took 112 days in 8 years, George H.W. Bush took 38 days in 4 years, Bill Clinton took 28 days, George W. Bush took 180 days in 8 years, Barack Obama has taken 61 days after the first 31 months and since Obama spent 16 days in the gulf, 90 days with fundraisers and 180 days in Hawaii. At that cost they should pay for it. It is no wounder the debt ceiling keeps going up because they keep going on vacation. Mrs. Obama is board of the presidency.

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