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Friday, January 11, 2013

One bad ass Security officer

What's on the sarges mind found out that in 2011 on July 4th two badass mother fuckers from the old housing unit were enjoying a BBQ on th 4th of July excersizing their right to carry while on private property when a idiot on the block brought out an AK-47 to the party. Thinking quickly both off duty and retired security officer's took this man in to custody and took one bad gun off the streets of Summit. We also herd of another badass security officer that works in Chicago and took one offender and his gun off the street. The way it's said is that the officer was entering a store on his beat to purchas something to eat when he noticed a gun pointing at the cashier quick on the draw pulled his weapon and order the gun men to drop the gun and ordered him to the ground. However the gunmen looked at the officer and ran out the door not knowing police were coming to a hold up alarm ran in to one cop and continued to give chase catching the guy in a alley about 5 blocks away and later found the gun with no mag and no bullet in the pipe on the ground by the business about two blocks where the chase started from. What's on the sarges mind found out this is the same badass that took the AK off the street in Summit with his retired Lt. This officer is a former housing unit viper.
The viper unit was a badass get a warrant and that day go serve it. 

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  1. Hmmmm sounds like some bad ass bad asses! I know a guy that worked up North in the 019 District projects.THAT was one CRAAAAAAAZY MO FO! Got arrests and CONVICTIONS! .To look at him you wouldnt think he was bad at all but do NOT fuck with this guy. Good article.

    2861 CHA-LEE