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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Multiple Shootings in Grand Crossing

Death investigation

Supt. Gary Mc Carthy told President Obama that the weather has nothing to do with the shootings. Are you sure about that Gary hmmmmmmmmm let see how many shootings happened when the temprature was below 0 or even 1 degree above. I'll tell you none but the weather hit to nearly 65 above zero and this story below is what happened.

All through the afternoon Tuesday, Kimberly Common stood crying near the body of her oldest son Devin, the second son to be lost to gun violence in a little more than a year.

"It's in my face, it's all over," Common said of her pain.

Another son Antonio had been shot and killed in October 2011, and Common said she was still reeling from that loss when she heard Devin was one of three men shot in the 7500 block of South Champlain Avenue around noon Tuesday.

"I'm not even healed from that," she said, tears streaming down her face.

Just yesterday, she had visited her mother in the hospital and they talked about how much they miss Antonio, Common said.

Late this morning, Devin left the house to get coffee and never returned. "I'll be back, I'm going to the store," she said Devin told her as he headed out the door. "That's what my (other) son said."

Devin's sister, Jermaka Common, 26, stood near her mother, crying softly as others embraced her. She said she last saw her brother Monday and told him she loved him.

"This didn't make no sense," Jermaka Common said. "For him to get gunned down like that, this is not fair at all."

The shooting happened around 12:10 p.m. around 75th Street and Champlain Avenue, but one of the victims was found in the 7500 block of South Langley, according to Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

Common was dead on the scene, according to family and Langford. The two others, both males, were taken in serious to critical condition to Stroger Hospital.

Police had one person in custody and were searching for another person, according to police, citing preliminary information. A gun was recovered.

Devin's brother Antonio, 23, was shot in his head and neck and found dead in an alley in the Park Manor neighborhood in October of 2011. Police said he was with two other people in the 7100 block of South Rhodes Avenue when he went into the alley and someone opened fire.

At about 1pm almost an hour after the 75th street shooting another person was gunned down on 71st and King Drive. I guess gun laws really worked it is keeping people from dieing hmmmmmmmmm funny Chicago has the best gun laws in the country but yet over 500 people died and the way 2013 started it may be more and yet again more gun laws in place by a president if the current laws aren't working then new laws aren't going to work either the only thing that will work and I'm throwing this out there ah Concealed carry I mean it worked in Detriot why not Chicago Just saying.

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