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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It looks like The South is Rising again

States Would Nullify all Presidential Executive Orders Against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and will arrest any federal agents who violate the constitution

Oragon says they will not partake in Federal gun ban

Click here to read South Carolina States Read South Carolina to Nullify

Wyoming passes law to arrest agents on federal gun ban

Kentuckey Governor to back Sheriff's decission to arrest Federal agents

The England Post 15 January 2013- The United States Joint Chiefs and heads of each U.S. Military branch call a weapons ban a unconstitutional order and if Obama passes it they will not enforce it as it will not be a lawfull order. The military even stated that exmilitary are asked to join the ranks and up hold their oath of office in which they took. Not only to protect and defend the constitution from foriegn and domestic enemies but the American people as well. The world is watching us and if we fall then it will show our enemies we are not a strong country but a weak one and then our enemy will want to invade us. We as a country need to protect our land.

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