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Monday, January 14, 2013

Illinois senator replys to our reader

To all who are afraid to speak up because of arrest. Here is proof that does not happen.

This is the email that went out further down you will see the responce.

To my Employee of the state that I have elected:

                I have contacted Lisa Madigan, Pat Quinn, Mary Flowers and Jim Durkin.

I want to make sure all of you that I voted for understand a few things.  You took an oath to protect and defend

the constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies. Why is it we expect our military to uphold this oath but the politicians of Illinois can choose

which amendment or bill they are for. This is wrong it is the whole document or surrender your seats. Further more you represent the state not just the city of Chicago if you want to just represent the city then get a city job and remove yourself from your current chair, Emmanuel represents the city of Chicago not the state of Illinois. If a police officer arrests me and for a UUW he can be arrested and suited civilly for violating my civil rights then I would come after his department, the city he or she works, the county and the state. You have no immunity when it comes to civil rights we the people can take your home, cars, child’s college fund, and your retirement. The FBI would step in and it would not be pretty for any public official. The other thing is after the 180 days pass and there is no cwp law the state goes in to default and it becomes Constitutional carry and then Illinois law will not apply. I am giving both the House and the senate and Homer Simpson I mean Quinn 180 days to sign it in to law or my petition to the federal court will be in line with Mary Shepard and everyone else’s.


Presser v. Illinois, Federal Court ruled against Illinois and gave Illinois 1 year to pass conceal carry

McDonald v. Chicago Federal court ruled and gave the city 6 months

Moore v. Madigan In federal court currently

Shepard v. Illinois In federal court

Heller v. Illinois Federal court gave Illinois 7 months to pass CWP which started the draft of HB 148

NRA v. Illinois Federal court ruled a CWP law within 180 days which gives you until June 12,2013 or the state will go in to default of Constitutional carry.


I order you as your employer that you vote yes for CWP


Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas

The responce from Senator Christine Radogno

Thank you for your email.  I appreciate you taking the time to write and express your views in support of protecting your Second Amendment rights in Illinois.  This is certainly a hot button issue right now, and I understand your concerns regarding all of the proposals that are being banded about on both the state and federal level.  I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind during the upcoming legislative session, and will be sure to deliberate carefully on any legislation that is introduced.

Christine Radogno
State Senator, 41st District
Illinois Senate Republican Leader

Responce from State Rep. Bill Cunningham

Thank you for your recent correspondence. Representative Cunningham will take your opinion into consideration as he evaluates the legislation.



Joan Knight

Legislative Aide

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