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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gun Controll in Illinois

I sit here and think to my self over 500 people were killed in Chicago alone. In just 12 days there have been 20 murders so far and the police say they are gang related but 2 of them occurred at 71st and Jeffery Blvd. One guy was blind and him and his dog were shot and one inocent person walking with his wife was gunned down as they ran in to an alley to take cover from the shooting on the bus stop. But Illinois wants to pass harder gun laws to hurt the law abiding citizens, but the criminals can care less about new gun laws they can get them where ever they want. So I am going to go in to englewood and kick in every gang member's door hit them with a baseball bat then string them up to a light pole and then gut them and leave their entrails on the side walk. Hey Chicago your homicide rates going to go up now what you got last year I'll do in two nights all over the city. you better notify the medical examiner and streets and sanitation since the streets will be lined with blood. if anyone wants to join me your more then welcome to join me. If Illinois continues to violate my civil rights then I will come to my office and fire you.

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