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Monday, July 23, 2012

to much media attention I think

This fuck shoots up a theater and it gets national news why. We have people dieing in Chicago everyday just listen to a Chicago Police band some time and listen to all the districts and city wides.
There is at least 2 shootings every 20 minutes. noone makes them national media.
Another example is that dirt ball Trayvon noticed his momy shut up and so did dady. You know why cause every cop and every investigator dug up that boys violant history and Zimmerman is a hero for killing that animal. Toxicology on Martin high levels of thc. 911 tape analyzed shows it was Zimmerman's voice. This was a clear cut of self deffence and he should have been cut lose not arrested. Let me ask you something why is it blacks can do what ever they want to a white man and it is not racially charged but if it was white on blackit is a whole diffrent story. I'll tell you I don't care about skin color I hate everyone equally. People make me sick you have no back bone no balls every body sues someone for no reason just to get that pay day. I will tell you what this man pictured above would have done that and I was there this man would have been dead instead of a court room

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