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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Violent Crime Illinois

Our research department found some very exciting news. We checked the high crime cities such as Miami, NY, Detriot, Greenbay, Milwaukee, Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis, Hammond, LA, LV, Dallas, Huston; this what we found out.

Detriot before Concealed carry Murder rate in 1,009
Detriot after Concealed carry 713
Detriot stated that it's Gang on Gang now then inocent people

Miami' Homicide From 1960 to 2000, the homicide rate was 10.6 per 100,000 population. From 2000 to 2010 Homicides droped to 5.6 per 100,000 population. In 2011 another spate of gang related violence, particularly around Miami, resulted in a small uptick in the homicide rates. An uptick that was quickly squelched by Florida’s Castle Doctrine and Stand your ground laws. Now Homicide is down to 2.3 per 100,000 population

LA, Cali.
Homicide from 1972 to 2000 was 89.6 per 100,000 population
After the State of California passed Concealed carry with the Castle Doctrine Homicide is now gang on gang and down to 7.6 per 100,000 population

Chicago nor the state of Illinois has yet caught on. They raise tax on fire arms and ammunition thier anti gun policy is not working since there
1990: 851, 1991: 927, 1992: 943, 1993: 855, 1994: 931, 1995: 828, 1996: 796, 1997: 761, 1998: 704, 1999: 643, 2000: 633, 2001: 667, 2002: 656, 2003: 601, 2004: 453, 2005: 451, 2006: 471, 2007: 448, 2008: 513, 2009: 459, 2010: 436, 2011: 433, 2012: 450(to date)
Chicago has 2,833,649 population
Buffalo has 265,128 Population
NY has 8,336,002 Population
Mami has 440,482 Population
Dallas Has 1,306,775 Population

All but Illinois passed cocealed carry. All but Illinois dropped their homicide rate down to 10.0 or less after passing concealed carry.  Illinois wants to start a prohibition on firearms and if it did not work with alcohol what makes them think it will work with guns. Illinois needs to wake the fuck up all your doing is hurting the lawabiding person. To say guns kill people is like saying Camera's cause child porn or to say food makes people fat. Why is it Illinois politicians can enjoy the fundimental of the 22nd Amendment of the Illinois state constitution and the 2nd amendment but denies the right to the people. The law clearly states the right shall not be infringed. 

Illinois day of exicution Tuesday, November 4, 2014
This is when we will vote the following out of office.

Republican Joe Walsh
Republican Kirk Dillard
Republican Dan Ruthaford
Republican Bill Brady
Liberal Matthew Murphy
Liberal Bruce Brauner


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