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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Real cops doing real work

In some parts of Cook County police officer's deal with the same type of crime like the real cop do in the City of Chicago. This makes any Chicago police officer the badest mother fucker on the force.
Out side Cook County they could only wish they had the tools that Chicago has and the capability they have. In central Illinois in Champaign county Rantoul police arrest anyone that is from Chicago and the States Attorney kicks you out of her county or lies to place you in jail. If you agree to leave the county the charges are dismissed. The cops refer to CRIMINAL Damage to property or Trespassing as a civil matter and then they give you a police notice not to appear. Our Chief investigator is currently looking at this and will be posting on Friday his findings. But we wanted to touch a little bit on this to try to get our readers to chime in on their thoughts. Under the Illinois Criminal code all you have to do is tell a person to leave your property one time or they can be arrested for trespass. I know many security and police officer's who lock up, charge and get convictions on a trespass charge. In Champaign County well we don't know for sure we can speculate that they don't and call it a civil matter. If someone threats to commit battery is classified as assault which any where in Illinois you can be arrested for. In Champaign County well we go right back to that same thing ( under investigation ). In the entire state if you are classified as elderly and your disabled under the law you can be charged with what ever crime was commited on the person who is classified as such. In Illinois if your classified as adisabled or elderly or both and someone threatens you or assaults you, you have legal justification to pull a side arm if the person starts walking like he or she will make good on the assault then you can shoot and kill him. In Champaign County they arrest you put you in jail for a period longer than mandated by the United States Constitution the have a jury trial that takes for ever to start knowing it will violate the right to a fair and speedy trial. In The peopl of Champaign County, Illinois Vs. Sean Dale,was convicted early Friday in Champaign County Common Pleas Court on one count each of felonious assault, having weapons while intoxicated and possession of marijuana. The assault charge was second-degree felony, while the other two charges were misdemeanors.Now court records show that Sean was on pain medications not liquor. State records show Sean was Disabled. Sean has always owned a firearm. Well his buddy came over and started threatening him and when the man started walking toward Sean he felt threatened and shot the man dead.

Chicago has it 440 homicides with only two months remainning. that is half of the vehicle death rate in Illinois which is 880 deaths by vehicle. So keep reading as we inform you what we find out on the Rantoul Police Department.

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