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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Melrose Park scams people with camera tickets stay away

Me and a buddy of mine where heading West on North Ave and made a right hand turn on to North Bound 25th Ave. months later the City of Melrose Park send my buddy a red light traffic notice.  Here is the fucked up thing of this ticket if you look at the photographs below there is no sign telling you that a right on red is not allowed. Under 625 ILCS 5 Ch 95 1/2 par 11-306 clearly states a sign must be posted. If you click on this link video of entrapment you will see Melrose Park has no signs anywhere in there village stating you can not turn right on red. Melrose Park will say your still guilty and you need to pay it then you have to file a court hearing before a judge and jury and spend all this money to fight a ticket and then you can not get refunded for the court cost. Melrose Park this is entrapment and a revenue skeem. De Luca Vs. the City of Blue Island Illinois a Blue Island Police Officer pulled De Luca over and wrote him a traffic tiket for going down a one way the wrong way. A judge declaired that Blue Island was negligent in making sure signs can be seen by motorist and fined the village the 75.00 for entrapment and for violating the Illinois vehicle code.

I advise Melrose Park to dismiss all cases that are right turn on red tickets.

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