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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Never Run Over A Police Officer’s Foot

Here’s a piece of advice.
If a cop is standing by your car giving you a parking ticket, do not, we repeat DO NOT, run over the police officer’s foot with your vehicle.
In the video above posted late last week, a certain Mr. Douche of New York City, driving a very expensive red Ferrari, thought his fast car could out race parking ticket being written by an officer of the NYPD.
After gunning the engine, the car lurches forward and allegedly runs over the officer’s foot.
Of course, hilarity ensues.
It turns out Mr. Douche is, according to Reuter’s News Service, some goof dating some vapid reality TV “star” we’ve never heard of and is now alleging the cop faked the incident according to TMZ.
Unfortunately, Mr. Douche is being charged with felony assault, vehicular assault, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and for wearing a horrible looking purple sweater.
Here’s some more advice.
Never try to walk away from a police officer issuing a ticket. Be respectful, take the ticket and contest it if you feel it was issued unfairly.
Our final piece of advice is to never spend $250,000 on a car. That’s just stupid.

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