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Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Second City Cop

Is this true what I am reading BGA forces fellow blogger to stop blogging and to go off line. Fuck them obama loving tree huging NAZI's

Shaved on Hiatus
For reasons CrimeFile covers in this posting, Shaved has taken down his blog, his archives and will remain off line for the foreseeable future.

We fail to see where a non-government agency takes it upon itself to check on the activities of private citizens. It definitely hints at collusion between the government (Rahm) and a supposedly "non-partisan" organization.

There are already entities within the Department to investigate allegations of wrong doing (we should know - we have Barb West's illegal First Amendment investigation of this blog in our possession). For the BGA to wander into these waters has a decidedly chilling effect on things.

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