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Friday, July 20, 2012


Charles Nichols Brings Unloaded Open Rifle Carry to Redondo Beach, CA

The California State Assembly recently passed a law banning open carry of unloaded handguns. Now some activists are bringing unloaded rifles out in protest. His stance: ”Since California has made it illegal to carry a handgun, I have to carry a shotgun. People should be allowed to defend themselves in public.”
Charles Nichols brought his unloaded 12-gauge Harrington & Richardson shotgun he purchased about 30 years ago with some shells taped to the back to a city pier. The protest was peaceful, although upon entry to a nearby park his shotgun was confiscated and he was criminally cited for bringing the shotgun onto park property (a violation of a city ordinance).
Nichols is also the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed Nov. 30 in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles challenging California’s firearm laws.

Louisiana Bill to Weaken Self Defense Laws Shelved
Members of the Louisiana Senate Committee of the Judiciary deferred an another attempt to weaken the state’s self defense laws. HB1100 was launched by Rep. Burrell ostensibly as an attempt to clarify state law but Chris Rager, a lobbyist for the NRA, said Louisiana law does not allow people to be an aggressor. “The harm of the bill is that it can actually cause confusion rather than clarify,” he said.
This bill was one of several advanced in the wake of the Treyvon Martin shooting.
From the article:
State Sen. Greg Tarver, D-Shreveport, posed the question of what would have happened if Zimmerman shot Martin in Louisiana. “Would the man be charged with murder?” he asked.
Rager declined to offer an opinion, noting the confusion over what transpired before Zimmerman pulled the trigger.
“It depends on the facts of the case,” he said.
Florida Tampa City Council Still Trying to Ban Guns at RNC
Having been rebuffed by Gov. Scott, Tampa is now appealing directly to Congress and the Secret Service to get a federal crackdown on gun possession near the convention.
Currently the Secret Service has a security perimeter around the immediate convention venue where weapons are prohibited except for on-duty law enforcement. The city is urging the Secret Service to expand the perimeter to include the entire Event Zone, including downtown, Ybor City, Hyde Park and the northern tip of Harbour Island.
The Event Zone restricts people from carrying everything from gas masks to rope to water pistols. But state law prohibits local governments from regulating concealed weapons, a rule that has opened the city to national ridicule.
“It’s almost unnerving that the Legislature and governor have put us in this position,” Capin said

Illinous State Representative Mike Bost Urges Petition Support
Pro-gun IL senators and representatives continue to push for concealed carry in the last no-carry-whatsoever state left standing. State Representative Mike Bost is urging citizens to sign a petition supporting the passage of HB 148 which would legalize concealed carry in the state.
Cook county area legislators, principally, have held off the rest of the state in passing the measure. It does seem like only a matter of time before it gets passed.
“There has never been a better time to get conceal carry legislation on the books in Illinois. I am hoping we can garner enough signatures to get the attention of leaders from the Chicago area to get a vote this spring,” said Bost.
Some counties, most recently Adams, have passed non-binding measures legalizing concealed carry in their counties.

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