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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Letter to Quinn is serious

A reader emailed this to us and I was touched as I am a father whom lost a child because of DCFS.
I promissed I would post it.

Dear Patrick Quinn:

You took an oath to uphold the state and federal constitutions did you not ?
Why are you allowing Illinois to be a sanction for fleeing fugitives?
Why are you denying us the right to carry ?
Why are you allowing a state funded agency to violate constitutional rights?
These are your actions

These are the peoples reaction to your action.

Obtain a Federal warrant for the arrest of Governor Patrick Quinn for violation of civil rights and denying concealed carry.

Obtain a warrant against Governor Patrick Quinn for Felony harboring fugitives wanted in other states.

Obtain a federal warrant for Lisa Madigan, Governor Patrick Quinn, and the staff and director of DCFS, All States Attorney's and assistants, every judge that sits on a Illinois bench in circuit court on the ground of perjury, kidnapping, selling, extorting, and murder in the first degree of all children in the care and custody of DCFS.

We the people are asking federal investigators for your arrest and everyone mentioned in this email. these are serious charges that you must answer to. We will also ask the government for the state to settle on 1million for mental anguish, 2.5 million for children who were abused while in care, 4.5 million for children who were unlawfully adopted out and 18.9 million for parents whose child lost their life because of dcfs, and 45 million for defamation. If you look at YouTube Illinois dcfs there are video's out there on this and how you’re doing nothing about it. 

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