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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Detective has last Census post

UPDATE FROM THEE RANT POSTING: Based on decennial 2010 U.S. Bureau of Census data, two of the twelve cities cited above as the worst "HELLHOLE" cities in the nation are herein disqualified due to the fact that their respective populations (in parentheses) are less than 100,000 people. Gary, Indiana (80,294) and Camden, NJ (77,344) have been deleted, leaving the TEN worst "HELLHOLE" cities in the nation remaining. There are 275 cities in the United States with populations greater than 100,000 people.

With the corrected Business Insider list adjustment , the WORST "HELLHOLE" CITY IN THE NATION is CHICAGO, followed by Detroit.As a lifelong Chicagoan, I assure you that this is SHAMEFUL . Unfortunanety, City of Chicago government is as SHAMELESS as it is corrupt. Indeed, I believe some Chicago politicians take a perverse pride in the City's notoriety.


BUSINESS INSIDERS: The Whole Country May Soon Look Like These American Wastelands - Top 12 Hellhole Cities! Yes, Chicago is #2!

By: Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse

Do you want to see where this country is headed? If so, don't focus on the few areas that are still very prosperous. New York City has Wall Street, Washington D.C. has the federal government and Silicon Valley has Google and Facebook. Those are the exceptions.

The reality is that most of the country has been experiencing a slow decline for a very long time and once thriving cities such as Gary, Indiana and Flint, Michigan have become absolute hellholes. They are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon.

Sixty years ago, most Americans were decent, hard working people and there were always good jobs available for anyone that was willing to roll up his or her sleeves and put in an honest day of work But now all of that has changed.

Over the past decade, tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities have shut down and millions of jobs have left the country. Cities such as Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit were once shining examples of everything that was right about America, but now they stand out like festering sores.

The "blue collar cities" have been hit the hardest by the gutting of our economic infrastructure. There are many communities in America today where it seems like all of the hope and all of the life have been sucked right out of them. You can see it in the eyes of the people. The good times are gone permanently and they know it. Unfortunately, the remainder of the country will soon be experiencing the despair that those communities are feeling.

The following are 12 hellholes that are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon....

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