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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CHICAGO NEWS: Chamber Meeting

Officer's Gonzolas and her partner Officer Acevedo  for have taken two murders off the street one by arrest and one fataly shot in a unlit driveway. this all went down in the 17th District on 4900 N. Troy. Former police officer and now Alderman Burk and the entire council honor the reselution.

Chicago Fire Truck 27 District 6 LT. Bruno and F.F. Lashwan are honored for their heroism as they were driving by saw a building on fire and an elderly man and went in while the entire truck started procedures. This resalution is passed by Alderman Burk and the entire council.

Ron Santo played 3rd basemen for the Cubs from June 26, 1960 till 1974 when he played for the Sox then went to broadcasting was inducted by the hall of Fame Ron Santo is honored by the city.

Superintendent of Police

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