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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BROCTON,Illinois no police department

BROCTON -- It was business as usual at the village pump in brocton.But food wasn't the only thing on the minds of customers.

"Although we don't have much serious crime. The police department was instrumental when we had it in force into dealing with two meth labs that were discovered in town." Bill Weber of Brocton said.

The small village has been without a police department since march of 2011.But not by choice.

"I choose to step down rather than be fired by them," Former Brocton Police Chief Ray Sollars said.

Sollars is talking about some of the town's elected officials.

"The village board is trying to get rid of the police department. We've got four members on the board that are trying desperately to get rid of our police department," Village President Dennis Cary said.

The people of brockton didn't like this, and decided to step up and have their voices heard. But the board didn't listen.

"It went to the March 2012 election and won and now the village board has decided with the attorneys oppinion that they don't have to pay any attention to it and they can continue to get rid of the police department," Cary said.

The board has held multiple meetings to discuss the issue with some getting pretty heated. Still, many in the town still think this just isn't fair.

"I always felt if you voted on something you either have a winner and a loser, and if you win then that's it," Dorothy Murphy of Brocton said.

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