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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boycott Bank of America I mean China

Proof of what Bank of America has done.  This was sent to me by a follower of the Sarge's Mind. This is a photograph of a USMC Staff Sargeant's Garage door who is currently over seas and has been making his payments on time. His girlfriend is a friend of the Sarge's follower, she went to pay this months mortgage and was served with forclosure papers as she walked out the door. This is not right. I have only give one order since this blog started and that was to boycott Metra but Metra complied. Now in support of our military I give another order Close your accounts with Bank of America and boycot them noone is to do buisness with this bank. They took our tax dollars and now they are treating our troops like this. If you served or current or have family and friends serving put their face in this SSGT. shoes cause when he comes home he wont have a home.

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